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At Britannia Health, the care you receive upon joining the practice depends on your immediate needs. No matter the type of care required, we always provide nothing less than extraordinary healthcare for our clients.


When you join Britannia Health with an acute medical issue, we do the work so that you can focus on healing. Your physician personally quarterbacks your care, expertly navigating the healthcare system to ensure you receive the medical attention you need in a timely manner. We challenge and hold your specialists accountable to give you the best chance of a successful recovery. Should the need arise, we collaborate with an extensive team of medical researchers and specialists to recommend the most effective treatments and procedures available worldwide. We always seek the solutions that work best for you and fit your values. 


At Britannia Health, we look forward to caring for patients with chronic issues. Our physicians, free of the pressures of the current public healthcare system (that result in a struggle to address non-acute issues), have the time and energy to delve into the challenge of a chronic condition. While the solution may require extensive testing and research, or supporting you through significant lifestyle changes, we don’t stop until we find the answer or find the world’s best experts to ensure that everything possible has been done or tried. We are determined to offer hope. As one client notes: “After 60 years, I’m finally living in freedom without symptoms of a chronic condition that had been misdiagnosed by my family doctor and specialist after specialist.”


While the word “prevention” often means discovering a disease as early as possible, our goal at Britannia Health is to intercede far in advance of any disease development. Our extensive testing both ensures early detection and seeks precursors to disease. The results enable us to discuss with you the processes demonstrably underway in your body. You can then take actions to reverse trends and lessen the likelihood of developing a chronic illness or serious disease. An example of this strategy would be the EndoPat: Britannia Health is the first medical practice in Canada to use this cutting-edge medical device, which allows us to measure and monitor your vascular health, and to take action years in advance of a heart attack, stroke or aneurysm. 


We all want to be well. Yet Britannia Health physicians recognize that wellness is not the absence of disease. It is about having boundless energy, managed stress, tranquil sleeps, solid relationships, a good sex drive and a youthful demeanor. Wellness is the presence of an emotional and spiritual balance. At Britannia Health, we support you in reaching these goals, and you can depend on us to always seek ways to maximize your wellness.

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