Our goal at Britannia Health is to provide the best primary medical care possible. Part of this commitment is guaranteeing exceptional access to your physician.

To deliver on this promise we offer care in your home, your office or our clinic, whichever is medically appropriate. You can count on us to provide home visits for urgent medical issues 24/7. For regular care and follow-up, you can choose between phone or email consults, in-clinic appointments the same or next day, or mutually convenient home visits. You can talk to your physician during the day when you need to.

In crisis, your physician will personally quarterback your care. If you require hospitalization, your doctor will be by your side to ensure you get the appropriate attention and treatment. When you are travelling, we are available to coordinate your care. 

No other private clinic in Canada offers this type of contact with your primary-care physician. As one client succinctly remarks: “This service has totally exceeded my expectations. My doctor is available whenever I need him.” 

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